Constitution and By-Laws



The name of this organization is The Folk Project. The purpose of this organization is to provide nonprofit, cultural activities in the fields of music and the folk arts to the general public and to the members of the organization.


Membership in The Folk Project is open to all persons interested in folk music, folk literature, and the folk arts who submit an application and annual dues payment to the organization.


The Directors of The Folk Project are the Trustees (elected by the general membership to three-year terms), the Officers (elected by the Trustees to one-year terms), and the Committee Chairs (elected by the Trustees and the Officers). Directors must be members in good standing of The Folk Project, and are responsible for formulating and executing the policies of The Folk Project.

The Directors will meet monthly at a time and place to be announced not less than three days in advance to the general membership. All such meetings will be open to the general membership.

A quorum will be considered to be six Trustees and two Officers. Voting may be conducted by mail or telephone, but only the Directors may cast votes.

A. Trustees

There will be nine Trustees. The Trustees are to attend Folk Project Board meetings, nominate and elect officers, assist in policy formulation, and be responsive to the general membership in directing the organization.

B. Officers

There will be four Officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. They will be elected to one-year terms at the first Board meeting after the Annual Membership Meeting and may serve no more than two consecutive terms in a single office.

1. President

The President must be a Trustee of The Folk Project. The President will preside at Board meetings and administer the policies of The Folk Project. The President, as well as the Treasurer, will have the authority to sign checks drawn on the general account of The Folk Project.

2. Vice President

The Vice President will preside in the President’s absence and assist the President as needed in the administration of The Folk Project.

3. Secretary

The Secretary will record and maintain minutes of the Directors’ and General Membership Meetings, and carry on official correspondence of The Folk Project.

4. Treasurer

The Treasurer will record all income and disbursements, report on current funds at each Directors’ Meeting, and prepare an annual financial report for presentation at the General Membership Meeting. The Treasurer, as well as the President, will have the authority to sign checks drawn on the general account of The Folk Project.

C. Committees

1. Standing Committees

Standing Committees will be formed as necessary to administer ongoing activities of The Folk Project. They will be created by a majority vote of the Directors and may be dissolved either by a majority vote or by the consensus of the committee itself. The Committee Chair or Chairs will be elected by the Directors and cast one vote each at Directors’ Meetings.

2. Other Committees

Special Committees will be formed as necessary to administer specific activities that are not expected to continue on an ongoing basis. The terms for the dissolution of Special Committees will be specified at the time of their creation. During their existence, special committees will function as Standing Committees.

D. General Membership Meeting

A General Membership Meeting will be held annually at a time and place announced at least one week in advance to the general membership.

E. Resignation and Removal of Directors

Upon resignation of any Officer, Trustee, or Standing Committee Chair, a successor will be elected by majority vote of the Board. Successors will complete the remaining term of the Director. Directors may be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of the Trustees, for lack of attendance at meetings or for gross mismanagement of their position.


This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority of the Directors at two successive meetings after the amendment has been announced to the general membership and approved by a simple majority of those responding.


The Folk Project was formed by a vote of the general membership on June 7, 1976.

The Folk Project may be dissolved by a two-thirds vote of the attending members at a Dissolution Meeting, the purpose, time, and place of which are announced to the general membership at least one month in advance. Upon dissolution of the corporation, the Board of Directors will, after payment of all liabilities, dispose of all the assets of the corporation exclusively for the purpose and in such manner or to such an organization or organizations that are operated exclusively for charitable, educational, religious, or scientific purposes as shall at the time qualify for exemption under Section 501-C-3 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.


The Directors may enact by-laws governing the general activities of The Folk Project. Enacting, amending, or repealing a by-law will be done by proposing the action in writing at a Directors’ Meeting and ratifying it a second meeting, at least three weeks later, by a two-thirds vote of those present.


  1. The name of The Folk Project will not be used to support any activity without the approval of the Directors.

  2. Unless specifically exempted by the Directors, all proceeds from dues, activities, donations, and grants will be deposited in the Treasury of The Folk Project. Income will be regulated to provide funds to pursue comfortably all activities of The Folk Project.

  3. Expenditures of $250.00 (two-hundred and fifty dollars) or less may be authorized by the President. Presidential expenditures of more than $250.00 must be approved by the Directors.

  4. There are three categories of membership in The Folk Project: General Membership entitles one person to membership benefits; Family Membership allows additional family members to be registered; and Supporting Membership allows individuals or families to make an additional donation to The Folk Project. There are no special membership privileges attached to Supporting Membership. The actual dues payments will be established by a majority vote of the Directors.

  5. The President must call a meeting of the Board if so requested in writing by four or more Directors.

  6. Emergency Directors’ Meetings may be called at the discretion of the President. A quorum must be present at such meetings, minutes will be taken, and all Directors must be informed of the proceedings.

  7. The Folk Project Directors’ Meetings will follow rules of parliamentary procedure when requested by any Director.

  8. All meetings of The Folk Project committees will be open to the general membership. Voting rules and privileges at committee meetings will be determined by the individual committee.

  9. At the October Directors’ Meeting, a Special Committee will be formed and charged with selecting a slate of seven nominees to replace the three Trustees and four Officers whose terms will expire that year. This slate will be presented to the Directors at the November meeting, when it may be ratified or amended. It will then be presented at the General Membership Meeting, where other nominations will be accepted from the floor. A secret paper ballot will be required unless the nominees are uncontested.

  10. The General Membership Meeting will be held in December of each year. This may coincide with or immediately precede the December Directors’ Meeting. The agenda of the General Membership Meeting will include, but not be limited to, the election of new trustees, the Treasurer’s financial report, reports on all ongoing activities of The Folk Project, and any other item of business that any member of the organization wishes to raise.

  11. The Officers of The Folk Project will be elected at the December Directors’ Meeting. Their terms of office will begin on the first day of the following year, and last until the 31st of the following December. In addition to these terms of office, the Treasurer will continue to serve in an advisory capacity until the taxes have been finalized for the year in which he or she has served.

  12. The Directors may award Honorary Membership in The Folk Project to any deserving person. Honorary Members have full membership privileges.